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The real value of biospecimens lies in the data they generate through techniques like genomic and proteomic analysis. The timely and accurate flow of information is essential and comprehensive informatics solutions for biobanks and biorepositories can foster the collaboration that is vital to advance research.

Our lab processing services support personalized medicine and accelerate the discoveries that lead to innovative, effective, and safe healthcare products.

Download the capabilities overview to learn more about maximizing the value of your sample while maintaining sample integrity.


Overview of service

  • Maximize the value of your biospecimens
  • Maintain sample integrity
  • Supporting all needs of Biobanking/Biorepository customers by customized sample processing.
  • Increasing your efficiency by analyzing your materials with trusted assays

Core services offerings

Molecular biology laboratory within biorepository


BSL-2 and CL3 laboratories capable of processing:

Blood, stool, urine, cancer tissues/cell lines, cfDNA, buffy coat, tissue, FFPE, amniotic fluid, plasma, DNA/RNA or protein, body fluids, bacteria, plant, food, soil, or viruses from human or animal origin

Automated sample processing

  • Automated sample aliquoting and labeling
  • Automated blood fractionation (buffy coat extraction)
  • Automated DNA/RNA extraction

Blood fractionation

  • Processing of serum, plasma, RBC, WBC or blood clots
  • PBMC extractions, cryo-preservation and viability testing

cfDNA, gDNA, RNA isolation

  • From variety of samples
  • Aliquoting in custom formats with QC testing
  • For high-throughput PCR, qPCR, sanger sequencing, Array, or NGS assays

Sequencing & Genotyping

This product or service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For research use only.

Microarray solutions

  • Large-scale
  • Biobank genotyping
  • Customized solutions
  • Axiome Precision Medicine Research Arrays
  • Human, plant or animal genotyping
  • Transcriptome and miRNA profiling

NGS solutions

  • Targeted DNA/ RNA sequencing
  • Exome sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
  • Microbial sequencing (whole genome/16S)
  • Agrigenomics de novo sequencing
  • Viral or bacterial typing
  • Aneuploidy and CNV analysis
  • Small RNA and miRNA sequencing
  • Plasmid sequencing

Data analysis

  • Full data analysis support
  • QC, Mapping, Variant calling, Transcriptome or denovo analysis
  • Custom data analysis support

Protecting Cell Viability

Various types of unwanted pre-analytical variability can be introduced at numerous points in the life of a sample. We reduce freeze thaw cycles to a minimum by aliquoting, or dividing samples into many parts, and use step-down freezing to protect cell viability.

Laboratory Information Management System

A sample is only as good as the data appended to it. Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is integrated with our data management system to manage biospecimen data as efficiently as possible. The LIMS provides flexibility and adaptability while increasing automation and throughput of complex plate-based assays, providing advanced handling of microtiter plates and arrays.

Delivering Quality

We designed our laboratories to support the needs of researchers seeking the highest quality of biospecimens. Our lab processing services provide qualified and well-documented genomic processing, including DNA/RNA extraction. Through our integrated workflows, we are able to provide a comprehensive and flexible processing system.

External Quality Assessment

  • Very Satisfactory in the IBBL proficiency testing of Viable PBMC Isolation
  • Very Satisfactory in the IBBL proficiency testing of RNA Extraction from Whole Blood