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DigiPly℠ Digital Booklet Labels

Our DigiPly service offers the first digitally produced label in the industry combined with comprehensive project management support from dedicated clinical supply professionals to ensure your labels are designed, translated and manufactured for the most optimal execution of your individual trial needs.

Benefits of Using DigiPly Digital Booklet Label Service:

  • Enhanced Flexibility & Shortened Timelines
  • Mitigation of Risk & Enhanced Quality Control
  • Focus on Investigator Sites & Patients
  • Stronger Materials of Construction

As the leader in innovative clinical label design, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the patient experience. Want to learn more about ePly℠ Clinical Label Services?

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The DigiPly booklet service provides more time for your clinical teams to make critical decisions by enabling you to add/drop countries in days, rather than weeks. Once digitally laid out and approved, new countries can be added without having to lay out a new label design. Since approval will only be needed for each additional country page, approval timelines are reduced from weeks to days.

The DigiPly label was designed with the patients and the sites in mind. With a solid understanding of the paramount importance of data integrity throughout the clinical trial, DigiPly labels are constructed using a synthetic biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) that will not rip upon application or use.

Additionally, with up to 60 pages available for over 100+ languages, you have more room to add critical text, thereby eliminating the need for small font size, often a main complaint of sites and patients. With the ability to add color to your label, you can help differentiate between similar bottles used in a study, thereby reducing the possibility that patients will take drug from the wrong vial or bottle.

Fisher Clinical Services has led the industry in clinical trial label innovation. It pioneered the use of the booklet label in clinical trials with the creation of the GlobalPly℠ booklet label. Then, it introduced the first clinical label specific translation and label approval management system, called ATLAS℠. Now with the Digiply booklet label, and the utilization of the ATLAS system, you have access to the most accurate, highest quality labels with the shortest cycle times in the industry.

Clinical Label Services Office Locations

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Fisher Clinical Services, Steinbühlweg 69, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland

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