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Meet Tia! Tia joined the Fisher Clinical Services team in 2008 as a Documentation Specialist, and she quickly progressed through positions of increasing responsibility. In her current role as a Senior Packaging Project Manager, Tia is primarily responsible for:

• Guiding packaging design meetings with clients to fully understand their needs

• Coordinating resources across a multi-discipline team to generate detailed quotes with supporting project plans and timelines

• Setting up and executing packaging jobs in support of the sponsor’s study

• Proactively managing the end-to-end process while mitigating risk that might impact time and cost

• Managing all communications between the sponsor and production team, while serving as the sponsor’s advocate

As a Senior Packaging Project Manager, Tia thrives on supporting her clients and has fine-tuned her consultative project management style over the course of her tenure. Her ability to multi-task combined with an in-depth understanding of the full range of available services are invaluable when it comes to designing and managing a packaging study. Clients remark that Tia is not only detail-oriented, but also sees the big picture. She avoids common challenges by asking all the right questions up front, and proposes solutions that mitigate risk. 

When a trial sponsor is facing their first packaging project, there are countless considerations that impact time and cost. Having someone that has experienced a broad range of projects that can lead them through the process can be invaluable. Learn more about a blistering package project Tia guided to deliver an optimal, cost-effective solution for her study sponsor. Key requirements included:

• Gathering information to scope the project appropriately

• Evaluating all the tools and materials required to produce a quality product

• Minimizing time delays and cost increases by engaging an expert


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