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Meet Gareth! As a Senior Product Manager, Gareth leads a team of 11 Project Managers/Associate Project Managers. He joined Fisher Clinical Services in 2014 as a Packaging Project Manager and also took on the role of Global Project Lead before transitioning to his current position in 2016. Gareth has a breadth of experience supporting both large, strategic clients as well as smaller, specialty pharmaceutical companies with packaging and distribution programs that vary in scope. 

Gareth applies his strong project management experience, attention to details and focus on timelines from the medical device, software manufacturing and travel industries to his work at Fisher Clinical Services. This diverse background offers him a unique perspective. Over time, he noticed that challenging the status quo and collaborating across multiple teams improved deliverables for clients big and small. Helping key stakeholders appreciate the end goals and visualize options has improved engagement, solution design and customer service.

Gareth earned the 2017 Fisher Clinical Services Project Management Excellence award in recognition of his leadership and unprecedented customer service. Responsible for strategic thinking and execution, Gareth is acknowledged by his clients and colleagues as a conscientious hard worker who communicates openly and keeps his team calm under pressure to meet their objectives. Quality and service are his top priorities, and “deliver on your commitments on time and in full” is his mantra for success. 

Gareth applies a consultative approach with his clients, both large and small. Learn more about his focus on solution design and process improvement in this case study about:

  • Simplifying projects through a single approach that can be applied across a variety of protocols/projects
  • Saving time, money and resources by exploring the possibilities of leveraging creative thinking across departments
  • Taking a risk on a creative approach can have long-lasting benefits