Microanalysis and Electron Microscopy

Master your materials in electron microscopy with world-class EDS/WDS spectroscopy and EBSD. Built into the Thermo Scientific™ NORAN™ System 7 Microanalysis System is 40 years of excellence in spectroscopy. Learn how COMPASS spectral phase mapping give you quick results and complete confidence in the analysis of your material. When results count, count on us.

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NORAN System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System
Confidently achieve correct and consistent results in the least amount of time with the Thermo Scientific™ NORAN™ System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System.

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CAD L1 Microanalysis Electron Microscopy A

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Quantitative WDS Analysis of a Contact Metamorphosed Calc-Silicate Rock
Rapidly determine the quantitative compositions of mineral phases in a geological sample. With the help of the Thermo Scientific™ MagnaRay™ WD Spectrometer, the interpretation of mineralogical and textural evolution of a calc-silicate rock during contact metamorphism is made possible.

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WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer